Friday, January 18, 2013

Now Taking New Orders to Fund the Station

Tablebeast Modified Akai Roberts TB-2XP1 Preamp and 2x TB-A436 Vari-Mu Compressor:

 If you like this blog and would also be interested in getting something like what you see here for yourself, then now is your chance! I am beginning production on gear builds for the fundraising phase of the station. So, after a few months of catch-up on pre-XMFR orders, I have now have limited time available for new orders. Available will be my regular turn-key devices: (Akai / Roberts monoblocks, Magnecord PT6-J, Ampex 600, 601, and 602), trade-in orders (where you send me the donor to modify), and custom orders (pretty much anything under the sun: Bogen, Knight, Masco, LaFayette, Magnasync / Moviola, Heathkit, Dynaco, Sony, Teac, etc.) As you can see here on this blog, I make these old relics into new beast in the form of: guitar amps, microphone preamps, hi-fi stereos, audio effects, synthesizers and more. I can install add-on transformers of nearly any type as long as it fits the donor from brands like Jensen, Cinemag, Sowter, and Shure. I'd prefer to focus on what I am familiar with (which is a lot as you can see), but I am always looking for a new adventure as well. So let me know what you've got! Prices start at $399 for full rebuilds and can go on up to much more depending on the complexity of the mod and cost of additional parts. So, if you like something you see on this blog, drop me an e-mail at ::: xfmr AT xfmr DOT org ;;; and we can discuss what you're looking for.


  1. Jessie, I tried to email you here but it came back as an invalid email

    1. You can reach me at xfmr AT xfmr DOT org Just replace the AT with "@" and the dot with "."