Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ampex 602 2 Ch Brute Force Preamp Conversion

Ampex 602 Tablebeast Modified TB-602A 2CH Brute Force Preamp:

Here is my latest Ampex conversion. I tell you what, the Brute Force circuit really loves the 602. While the 601 and the Akai/Roberts monoblocks make amazing foundations for this circuit themselves, there is just something about the 602 that outshines them in my opinion. I think it may be the solid state high voltage PSU or the DC heaters that give it that inky black noise floor. It is a such a 3D sound that you wind up with something that sounds finished the way it does when you hit tape just right. But the best part is that it doesn't have the tape hiss or the hassle of messing with those aging machines. With this unit you get a brand new set of electronics built from the ground up with all new wiring, caps and resistors while using the best vintage parts to fill it out. I am very proud of my design and so far everyone who has been lucky enough to get one of these from me has been head over heels for them. Get one while you still can. Here are some more pictures.


  1. u must be retarded by the way you write. famous people.. right..

  2. I'm confused, were you trying to give me an example of retarded writing? If I cared to name drop I'd prove you wring, but my work speaks for itself. GO on and head back to trollville, you anonymous coward.

  3. get em, jesse! looks awesome man

  4. Hi Jesse, how much gain do the akai m8s put out with just the Rod c mods? Seems like pretty low..