Sunday, January 6, 2013

Projects Out the Door Before the END of the World!

OK, well, it didn't happen, but I was still determined to get certain projects out to folks before the Mayan deadline for our civilization, JUST in case!

Pair of Tablebeast 2xPre TB-2XP1 Microphone Preamplifier:

First up is a four channel set of mic pres that I was sad to see go. These are outfitted with Jensen inputs, have impedance balanced outputs, and were stuffed with some very special tubes. All four have GE 12AU7A tubes on the line amps, but the bottom pair has some fantastic German-made RFT EF86 pentodes and a GE 6X4 rectifier instead of the normal NEC-made valves that the I normally install. The first two channels do have these NEC tubes and they are simply fantastic of course, but the RFT and GE in the second pair just seem a bit more magical. Also, grainy pics I know. I took them at night in a hurry before I boxed her up. The apocalypse waits for no one.

Tablebeast TB-HR16, a Modified Alesis HR-16:

 This is a bit of a rare bird these days, at least in my hands. I don't do much circuit-bent stuff any more, but when tempted with this Alesis I couldn't resist. This is a fantastic drum machine even without the mods, but it takes to the patchbay style mod so well it almost seems like a shame to keep them stock. I hadn't done one of these in years, but it all came back once i started and I am very please with the results. Now that I have become familiar with what the guts of this guy actually ARE, I am really impressed with this advanced-for-the-time drum computer. So impressed that I am on the lookout for one of these to keep for myself. Oh yeah, the back panel for this guy was missing when I got it, so it got some hand labels on there. I was bored and there was an empty space ont he face, so it got a little unplanned beast drawing. What the heck.

Tablebeast Pre+Amp TB-PPA1-R 3U Rack w/ Jensen:

This is a rack mount Pre+Amp. Of course I have built dozens of these by now, but this one was particularly cool. It had the Jensen inputs which I just can't say enough good things about. Don't get me wrong, I love the Shure inputs that I usually use. They have a great utilitarian quality that I try to compare to denim when folks ask me to explain the difference between the Shures and the Jensens. What do I relate the Jensens to? Silk of course! So the Shures are jeans and the Jensens are a kimono. The Jensens really are smoother and less aggressive so I think it is a decent comparison. Being a man of many tastes, I like them both in any case. Anyway, this unit was awesome and is finally on the other side of the pond and hopefully in its new owner's hands by now. Enjoy!

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